New ! Training - The art of fine-tuning

3 week ends: 25 et 26 may, 8, 9, 22 et 23 june 2024

Respect, gentleness and firmness. Balancing energies. Towards understanding adjustments.
30 hours of training to develop the art of adjustments and the relationship between opposing energies. This course is open to teachers and regular practitioners.

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Retreat in Tuscany

30th april to 9th May 2024

9 days of immersion in Ashtanga Yoga at Podere La Valle in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Luxurious accommodation, fully equipped yoga room, outdoor infinity pool, indoor spa. Retreat limited to 14 participants.

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Saturday morning workshops at Anjali Shala

23 march 2024, 6 and 20 april 2024

3h00 to deepen, explain and experience the first or second series of Ashtanga Yoga. The session begins with a short meditation followed by a Pranayama practice. Sharing of traditional Chaï at the end of the practice. These mornings are limited to 14 participants.