What is Ashtanga-Yoga Korunta?

L’Ashtanga Yoga is a great and fine dynamic Yoga method originating from south India.

Its main characteristics are:

Intense activity raises heat, Tapas, and gradually increases the energy level. By synchronizing postural control and breath rhythm with dynamic movements, the Ashtanga provides to the practitioner harmony and understanding of his physical, psychological and spiritual strengths.

Through the unification work between movement, focus and breath rhythm emerges a postural melody that leads to meditation.

According to ancient fundamental texts, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois teaches us that a regular practice allows to maintain a healthy body, to develop our emotions and unify our being with the Self which, in its very nature is eternal peace, endless freedom and joy. "Do your practice and all is coming".

The method consists of several asanas series:

We practice the first series for some time, which can vary from one to another, before moving to the next series and so on. The progression is more important than the posture. The teacher helps the student feel and sense the best way that will allow him or her to develop his or her own body capacities harmoniously.