About Sergine Laloux

Dance : Sergine Laloux's career unfolds in "slices of life". She began her career as a professional dancer with Maurice Béjart's Ballet du XXème siècle and several other European companies.

Photography : Throughout her years as a dancer, photography kept her company. So it was natural for her to make the leap from dance to performance and reportage photography, following an internship in China with Guy Le Querrec of Agence MAGNUM. Her first major solo report, "Regards d'Afrique", won a prize at the Leica International Competition - fascination with black and white. Several subjects: "The Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989-1999-2009", "Gypsy life in Alentejo", "From earth to bronze", 3 reports from Tibet, a work on jazz "Corps Accords"... gave rise to various exhibitions and publications. And, of course, Dance, following the work of dancer-choreographer Michèle Noiret since the start of her career (a book was published in 2009).

""Sergine Laloux photographs without pathos or voyeurism, with a mastery of frame and form, and a sense of movement and composition to which her first passion is undoubtedly no stranger." Jean-Marie Wynants (le Soir)


Yoga :Sergine discovered Ashtanga Yoga in 1998 and has been practising regularly with her master Jean-Claude Garnier since 2000. With him, she completed the full 5-year teacher training course at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute Brussels, and attends the following course with great openness and the certainty that we never stop learning.

In January 2016, three weeks of intensive practice on Yoga Therapy (100 hours) with Barath Shetty in Mysore.

In August 2016, she received Teacher Training - Ashtanga 2nd series (100 hours) at the Ashtanga Yoga Center of Encinitas, California with Tim Miller.

In 2017, she joins him for a workshop in Berlin and a retreat in Italy. She also trains and gives individual classes in "Yoga Wall".

In 2018, she enrolls in "Ashtanga Yoga & Pranayama In-Depth Development Training for Teachers" with Kia Naddermier (200h).

Summer 2023, Sergine is one of 40 teachers selected to participate in the last Intensive for Teacher with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor in Boulder Colorado - USA.

Sergine teaches in Brussels at Anjali Shala as well as at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute and the Yoga Room.

About Pauline Picry

Pauline graduated from La Cambre with a degree in Scenography for Stage, Cinema and Museums in 2009, and spent a few years working on various artistic projects before devoting herself entirely to practising, studying and then teaching yoga.

In 2009, she took her first steps in yoga with Sarah Derasse (Vinyasa Flow), falling under the spell of the practice and becoming seriously involved.

En 2013, Pauline entame ensuite une formation de quatre ans de professeur de Hatha Yoga auprès de Thierry Van Brabant. Son enseignement est une source inépuisable d’inspiration, de créativité, de connaissances et éclaire sa pratique et son apprentissage. De plus, elle continue de se former au travers de cours réguliers et stages ponctuels (Suryans Thakur, Willy Bok).

Since 2019, Pauline has been enriching and refining her Ashtanga Yoga (Anjali Shala) practice with Sergine Laloux. Sergine's teaching is generous, luminous and very joyful! The more Pauline is nourished by these teachings, the more she realises that it would take several lifetimes to cover them all!

In her lessons, it's these teachings that Pauline proposes to pass on to her students that are also a source of inspiration! A teacher would be nothing without her students.

About Louise Babar

After first coming into contact with yoga during a trip to South America in 2001, Louise began practising Hatha Yoga before discovering Ashtanga Yoga in Brussels in 2010. Louise now practices at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute, where she is taught by Jean-Claude Garnier.

In 2013 she began a teacher training course with him, which continued for several years, interspersed with two pregnancies.

Louise also studied with Sergine Laloux and enriched her practice and knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga in seminars with David Swenson, Kia Naddermeir and Richard Rosen.

Passionate about the relationship between Man and the Earth, Louise began studying geography in 2003 and became a doctor of science in 2015. Along the way, yoga has enabled her to combine intellectual knowledge with inner understanding. Today, she is pursuing her research through a commitment to the environment and by following the path of yoga.

Anjali Shala - Yoga - Bruxelles