Courses Description

Two different Ashtanga practices

Hatha Yoga

In this course, you will work fewer postures but hold them longer in order to develop your own physical capacities (hips opening, switch, balance, flexibility) and go beyond your psychic blockages which will facilitate the asanas and find the fluidity and stability needed for practicing. Open to everyone.

Hips opening

The hip joint includes 4 muscle groups: the flexors, adductors, hamstrings and rotators. A former professional dancer, Sergine particularly worked her body in the relationship between the pelvis, the opening of the hips and the spine to release the movement.
This course is designed more as a workshop focused specifically on this issue to give you the keys to the mobility of the femoral head and pelvis.

Yoga Wall

The shala is equipped with a yoga wall for individual courses. The yoga wall, derived from lyengar technic, is a great support to work on alignments and reversals. Through a more therapeutic approach, it also allows to create a personalized program depending on which pathologies.

Yoga Kids

Playful and upbeat approach of the yoga, for kids (from 6 years old). Focus on channeling energy, concentration, balance, coordination and flexibility, by working on pictorial postures (crow, fog, tree, sun salute). Opening of a course on demand based on 5 children minimum.

The space is open for other courses and to teachers who share the same desire of transmitting yoga. For any question please use the contact page.